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Memory Enhancement Through Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Memory Enhancement through Cognitive Rehabilitation

By now, we have all heard of dementia.  Dementia is the comprehensive term used to describe many different types of disorders that affect memory.  Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, and Pick’s Disease are a few of the more common types of dementia.

A very common question in regards to dementia asks, “Is there any good news about memory for older adults?”  Thankfully after years of research and study, there are facts proving that memory can be maintained and improved in older adults with the use of cognitive rehabilitation.

One of the main avenues of thought regarding memory is the “Use it or Lose it” approach.  A study completed at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine found that adults (63%) who completed more cognitively stimulating activities over the course of several years were less likely to develop dementia than those who completed the least.

Using this tactic through cognitive rehabilitation may help your loved ones regain some memory you may have thought lost.  We can help by designing a Cognitive Enhancement Program to fit the needs of your loved one starting with an evaluation of their current memory function.  Once the level is determined, we can develop a program including activities that will be challenging, fun, and of course, stimulating.

The Journal of Mental Health and Aging concludes, “Cognitively stimulating activities may postpone symptoms of dementia which may also delay the need for more intensive care.” There are also several things you can encourage your older loved ones to do at home to help improve memory function such as:


  • Complete crossword puzzles/ word searches/ sudoku
  • Have a part time job
  • Stay social with friends and family
  • Join a chorus
  • Take a trip to new place
  • Exercise regularly
  • Volunteer
  • Cook new recipes
  • Begin using e-mail/ facebook
  • Play Board Games
  • Visit museums
  • Go to a different grocery store
  • Develop a new hobby
  • Read books often



Speech Language Pathologists can play an important role in the cognitive rehabilitative process. Speech Language Pathologist are trained and licensed to assess a person’s cognitive and communication abilities and can implement a program to help manage memory difficulties. Most insurance carriers, including Medicare, will cover reimbursement for cognitive rehabilitation. If you would like more information about how cognitive rehabilitation could help you or your loved ones with memory loss, please call us today. We will work with your health insurance carrier so you can keep your health a top priority.